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David Vance and Rebecca Butler in conversation! The last few weeks have seen multiple stabbing events involving “asylum seekers”. What is going on?

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3 thoughts on “What’s gone wrong with British Asylum laws?

  1. Given all the stabbing stories featured on ATW over the years plaguing the UK perhaps the asylum seekers were merely trying to assimilate by following a local custom.

  2. Yes, immigrants accused of introducing knife crime to Glasgow, the city of love & peace.

  3. The government today issued a report “Diversity in gun and knife crime” which highlighted concerns about marginilised groups identified as being underrepresented within this area of public life. An Equalities Ministry spokesperson said ” While the report celebrates the diversity seen within the stabbing, shanking and shooting community, with encouragingly high levels of engagement from working class, BAME and Asylum seeker males, we are concerned that some groups, noteably the elderly, middle class LGBT and Jewish youth have lower than expected levels of involvement in this vitally important area of cultural life in the UK. We are also keen to welcome greater numbers of female and non-binary individuals to feel able to fully engage with this vibrant and essential part of our social fabric. ”

    The spokesperson went on to announce that an urgent task force is being set up Led by David Attenborough, Esther Rantzen and Julian Clary to aim for full diversity of opportunity and involvement from all sectors of society and ensure the UK leads the world in promoting true diversity and equality in this sector. 🙂

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