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I read that ” there is concern that illegal weapons are still available” the leader of the Progressive Unionist Party has said. Wow, now WHO would have thought that?

Dawn Purvis was speaking following the murder of Bobby Moffett, 43, who was shot dead on Friday by two masked gunmen on Belfast’s Shankill Road. She said the UVF had made clear they had destroyed all weapons under their control and the killing could have serious consequences.

Mr Moffett is believed to have had strong links with the UVF. Police are questioning four people in connection with the killing. Ms Purvis, whose party has links with the UVF, said: “The UVF in their decommissioning statement last year had made clear that they had destroyed everything that was under their control. “Now, if individuals have held on to weapons, then they know the consequences of that because the decommissioning legislation fell in February and anyone caught with any weapons is liable to the full force of the law.”

What are these “links” to the UVF, exactly? Does Ms Purvis condemn all UVF terrorism? Does she believe that the UVF killers that have slaughtered so many innocent Roman Catholic people deserve an amnesty? Does she accept that UVF terrorism was wrong and that all involved deserve to be in a prison cell? Or does Dawn speak with a forked tongue?    

PUP and Sinn Fein – two sides of the one coin.

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