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London is like a city under seige or martial law if you’re a driver. Everywhere barriers across roads, tank-trap style traffic-calming measures, the interminable and eerily deserted roadworks resembling makeshift militia checkpoints. At any time the authorities can paralyse London’s roads and with increasing regularity they are doing just that. Right now, past midnight, there are thousands of people caught in traffic gridlock north and south of the river. If you listen carefully you can hear Mayor Livingstone and his cronies laughing their arses off as a plan comes together.

The routes across the Thames are few and far between once you pass Tower Bridge heading East. There’s the Rotherhithe Tunnel (closed at night), the Blackwall Tunnel (closed tonight and all today due to a spillage and generally as reliable as a meth-smoking babysitter), then there is the Woolwich ferry (closed at night) and finally, many miles away the Dartford Tunnel. East London needs at least two more crossings, but this would ease a problem the authorities are purposefully creating, so will never happen.

“The problem is caused by too much traffic” the brain-washed, dead-eyed INGSOC acolytes will tell you. Not the constant roadworks, not the bus lanes, not the blocked roads, not the traffic lights every thirty yards. “The problem” they say “is too many cars. The problem is you. The roads would be fine if people didn’t keep driving cars on them.” This mantra absolves them from responsibility for the huge inconvenience caused by their studied actions and inactions, for only when the road system is completely ruined will people abandon their cars.

Greenwich council, with the backing of King Rat, is conducting a “survey” of congestion with a mind to introduce their own congestion tax. They are doing this at a time when Greenwich High Street is closed to traffic, and two other major roadworks are in effect between Greenwich and the Blackwall Tunnel. As such, any dainty straw that flutters onto the camel’s back brings immediate collapse. Here, as elsewhere in London, the plan of sabotage is clear. The authorities are systematically destroying our road network to create congestion and bring in new taxes. Paranoid? As Hunter S Thompson said, “the paranoids were right.”



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4 thoughts on “When congestion becomes a commodity

  1. The traffic policy is the only one of the otherwise appalling policies of the present city administration that I support.Bus lanes are a brilliant way of sharing out the limited commodity of raodspace.Those willing to double up get free-flowing travel,those who prefer to take up twenty times the roadspace get crawling lines of cars. Bus travel in London has improved immeasurably in the last ten years and I look forward to ever longer bus lanes!

  2. God you are so right Richard. Because moron Ken has lumped so many buses onto the roads now they snake back in the bus lanes and noone can get past them – or off them! I have never seen central London so congested as in recent weeks in the C charge time. My bus journey time has doubled.

  3. Tom H,

    sorry but you are a moron if you believe what you say here. The "limited roadspace" is being limited on purpose. The congestion is manufactured. Car drivers such as me could tolerate bus lanes far more if they weren’t so clearly contrary to road safety as many are and if the times they operate weren’t deliberately varied to generate fines income.

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