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With the advent of opposition from the spokesmen of the only Religious Body whose followers mean exactly what they say, will we now see a speedy U-turn, withdrawal and consignment to the rubbish bin of history for all this Gay Marriage tripe?

When these people (murderous, fanatical scum) state that they don’t like something, the politicians of the Western world had better listen, or the Semtex Belts will be worn at the correct angle.

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One thought on “When ‘Gay’ meant ‘rather carefree and happy’!

  1. They must have been reading too much ATW, the poor dears.

    Nobody is forcing them to have anyone married.
    (but I wonder in a more liberal Muslim group would a man be allowed marry four men, and look forward to 81 young boys if he kills himself for the cause?)

    By the way, surely there is something wrong in
    “But the Culture Secretary has made it expressly illegal for the Church of England …to conduct same-sex weddings”

    The state is telling an organisation that it is prohibited from following the law?

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