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Except for JFK the Democrats as a group have no vision when it comes to Space Exploration. To put it as Walter Mondull put it, “not one dime for space, while one person needs welfare”  President Obama cut NASA to nothing, even re-tasked them to do outreach to the Muslim World.

Well for once I agree with political graft. Thank God for a small well placed group of Senators from both parties, against the wishes and public dismissal of the Constellation program by President Barry, the funding has been replaced specifically for a 130 Metric Ton Heavy Lift Vehicle, and the accompanying Man Space Capsule.  In the grand scheme of our over spending government budget the cost is small. Just a paltry $3 Billion.

Everything we use in our daily lives cell phones, computers, plastics, medical equipment, etc etc. The list is much to long to print. I did a partial list on my old blog once, and the partial list filled the space we use on this blog for 30 posts. The Space Program has been the only government program that has ever benefited mankind.

NASA has a budget of just over $18 Billion, $3 Billion has been specificly budgeted for The Heavy Lift program and has been worded that it can’t be spent on anything else.

For keeping the Dream Alive, and funding the only real technicle investment the Government has ever paid for, I would like to thank Sen. Richard Shelby (R-Ala.), Rep. Robert Aderholt (R-Ala.), Republican Virginia Rep. Frank Wolf, Maryland Democratic Sen. Barbara Mikulski and Texas Republican Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison

UPDATE: Here is A PARTIAL LIST of some of the Space program benifits Actually take the time to glance through it, and also keep in perspective that the U.S. borrows $4 Billion a day.


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19 thoughts on “When Graft is Good

  1. “not one dime for space, while one person needs welfare”

    Unfortunately, this attitude prevails in many organisations by people who won’t look to the future.
    We had it with the proposal to build a new Church Hall. There was a vociferous minority who believed that the church should spend the money on the poor in Africa, and they almost had their way. In fact the only reason they didn’t, was that the cost of building was being borrowed against the future income from letting the hall, and that, unlike government borrowings, no-on would lend them money to give away.
    The hall is now paying its way, and in a few years time will produce a surplus which may possibly be given to charity, something that would never have happened if the minority had had its way.

  2. Everything we use in our daily lives cell phones, computers, plastics, medical equipment, etc etc.

    Computers and forceps? An English homosexual had a great part to play in the former and (probably) some Assyrians or Egyptians the latter.

    Rather like the fabled list of Formula 1 technology which finds it’s way into stuff we use, I suspect the list of NASA-derived stuff we use might not be quite as long as is put about.

    Rather long, on the other hand, is all that stuff we don’t use which we would have done but for the trillions NASA (and its corporate welfare parasite chums) have had sent their way by government.

    Long is the list of jobs which were never created, goods and services never supplied and ways of many life better so that corporate rent-seekers could coin it in and Republican socialists can cheer when another few billion of productive capital with a flag on the side gets blown up at launch time.

    … 3 … 2 … 1 … WE’RE POORER!

  3. “Computers and forceps? An English homosexual had a great part to play in the former”

    Good point, but not just Turing.

    Next time you are near the British Library check out their “treasures” room. Here you can find a letter written to a certain Charles Babbage from Ada Lovelace (a daughter of Lord Byron). In it was written some suggestions as to how his difference machine could be adjusted to perform its own calculations ie its basically the first computer program. Dated from 1843 before the US Civil War.

    Having said that I am sure Space travel is good for something, but its difficult to remember how primitive technology was then. A playstation two has more computing power than was used for the first the moon landing programme.

  4. Pete you can poo poo all you want, if you don’t know the things that can be traced and feel it’s a waste of money that’s your opinion and opinions are like aholes we all have them and they all stink.

    Now please explain what jobs were prevented from being created by funding the Space program, that’s a hell of a claim.

    I am updating the post with a link to the partial list look through before you fart out of your mouth about forceps.

  5. Troll’s right.

    Great nations do great things. I support the space program. Onward.

  6. yes, Phantom but Pete will ask, do you want to pay for it with currency or gold ? 😉

  7. I have a friend who once drove down to Florida to see a Space Shuttle launch. I wish I had done that.

  8. ah, just keep those printing presses putting out that funny paper with the faces of dead presidents…lol

  9. The NASA budget is nothing as a percentage of the national budget

    It has been a target of liberal neanderthals like Obama forever since they don’t understand science any more than they understand national greatness.

    Long live NASA

  10. Troll is the Sun of the ATW solar system. We are all mere planets who circle nervously and absorb his heat,light and fiery radiation 🙂

  11. Troll –

    On what planet are you a conservative? Even though you know that the federal government borrows $4billion per day, which your girls will have to repay with interest, you still advocate socialism. A conservative would simply call a halt to the spending.

    Even though your favoured welfare recipients are defence and space contractors it doesn’t matter; you favour a high redistribution of welfare from the productive to a favoured class. You say:

    Now please explain what jobs were prevented from being created by funding the Space program, that’s a hell of a claim.

    It’s not a hell of a claim, it’s basic economics. All kinds of jobs were prevented from being created because trillions have been sucked from the productive economy and given to NASA. It may be that you would now be in a dream job which, alas, was never created.

    Even mainstream economics know it as “opportunity cost”, i.e. in this it being the loss of private investment shaped by economic demand is an opportunity cost when the state sucks capital out of the economy. Simply because you never saw that investment and those jobs created doesn’t make the damage any less real.

    Bastiat explained it in his essay “What is Seen and What is Not Seen”:


    Or you can watch this simple explanation:

  12. That ‘EvergreenFF’ chappie on Pete M’s youtube link displays a deep understanding of economics. It’s someone like him we need as head of the IMF, not Gordon flippin’ Brown.

  13. how is the space program socialism???????????

    The dream jobs were created, they were created by the thousands of products that spun off out of the technology developed by the space program.

    It created millions of jobs and made 1000s of products.

    Go above, click the link in the blue lettering, ACTUALLY READ IT. Then tell me what other investment in any industry except Oil has brought so much benefit to mankind, and capitailism.

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