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In the Video at the bottom of this post Tucker Carlson breaks down Biden Crime Family’s Corruption. Tucker does a great job as usual cutting through the Bullsh** to get to what’s important, and what he rightfully points out is all the salacious, disgusting, perverted, criminal behavior that is finally being shown about Hunter Biden is a smokescreen for the REAL ISSUE the fact that President of the United States has been bought and paid for by the Communist Chinese.

I can never match Tuckers mastery of presentation, please do yourself the favor and take the time to watch the half hour clip.

What I want to discuss is as the title says When is it gonna hit the fan ? It is going to hit, it is only a matter of time, and that time is coming quick. The Democrats are already laying the groundwork to FORCE Biden out. It was always the plan that he step aside for Harris, but Joe’s ego will never let him do that. He must be pushed out, that is a very difficult thing to do.

The Democrats have been given a gift to achieve this very simply, The Hunter Biden Laptop. Yes that imaginary Laptop that Trump had the Russians plant in a computer repair shop to be discovered. That is what we were told before the election.

Those of us that aren’t drones knew from the beginning that the story the MSM was peddling about the Laptop was pure Bull, none the less the story was crushed along with anyone discussing it as real.

Roll forward 2 1/2 years, suddenly those who called us every name in the book, and silenced our voices are now admitting the Laptop is real. They have no choice. To much of the data stored on it is now in the hands of people they can not control. The information is coming out, and that information is both sordid and damning.

Joe Biden has been one of the most corrupt politicians for the past 50yrs, he’s not alone. What is being exposed about Biden and his Family is the common culture of corruption of what our government and the people that serve in it has become. It is also on both sides of the aisle never believe it is not. This is the main and most difficult problem America faces.

That problem is one that is not going to be solved anytime soon, but the problem of President Biden will be. The economy is collapsing, people are at the point of having to choose between food and fuel, and the worst thing the Democrat’s really might lose control of Congress.

Now even though Biden can’t complete a full sentence he is not the problem. The problem is the Policies of the Democrat Party. Their social justice policies have destroyed everyone of our major cities, but that is not new. The policy that is putting us into depression collapsing our society is the Climate Policy. That Policy they believe must be protected at all cost.

The issue is how do they save the policy and appease the voters. If they allow the collapse to be blamed on Climate Policy they will have been setback 20yrs. However if they do what they do best and deflect the blame, they can save the policy.

The simple way to do that has been provided by the President’s drug addict, idiot, Son. His Laptop provides everything that is needed to distract the people, and get rid of Biden. The prosecution of the Biden’s has everything, Sex, Drugs, & Money. All wrapped up in a big ball of corruption of Millions of Dollars paid in Bribes to the Biden Family.

The Nation would be glued to their TVs and Computer screens to witness the train wreck that the Biden’s truly are. The MSM will push every other issue and headline aside. Nothing of consequence will be aired, talked about, or written about while a Circus bigger than The Greatest Show on Earth will be fed us. The Climate Policy will be safe, at least till beyond the next Presidential Election which is the only thing that matters to the Democrats. The destruction of Gas, Oil, & Coal will continue as Joe and his family are offered in Sacrifice to the Green Religion.

The Groundwork for this scenario is laid, Tucker explains it well. Do yourself a favor and find the half hour to watch it. You won’t be disapointed.

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2 thoughts on “When is it gonna hit the fan ?

  1. The brown stuff, really hit that whirly thing, on November 3, 2020.

    Two clowns, same show.

    The circus rolls on relentlessly.

    Xi Jinping, along with entire CCP, & Vladimir Putin, must be laughing there collective nuts off.

    Americans are going to require even more weapons.

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