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That title applies to so many things at this point in time. Whether it be the Chinese Flu and the Governments attacks on our freedoms that they’ve used it for, or a list of 1000 other things that have just gone too far.

We have entered a period in our Nations history which if not corrected the only place it will lead to is complete collapse. Chicago this week has broken the threshold of 1000 Murders, Philadelphia has passed the 500 Murder mark. In every City in the United States crime is out of control. There is not a single city where Crime has not gone through the roof.

Yes Philly and Chicago have always been two of the most violent cities in the world, but what has taken place in the last 20 months is a wildfire of lawlessness and mayhem. In every Democrat Controlled major city in the U.S. they have put in place Prosecutors who refuse to prosecute the Criminals. The Waukesha case is just the poster incident. 5 days before running over 50 people in a Parade killing 6 the Perp had been arrested for beating his girlfriend and hitting her with the same vehicle he used to run over all those people. He was on Felony Parole for over 5yrs and was arrested several times and convicted of other Felonies yet he was placed back on the streets.

The driving your car into a parade may be a rare incident, but the violence committed by career criminals who are just being let loose to continue their lives of Violence on the innocent is not. It has become an everyday occurance.

The Democrats that control our major cities like Philly and Chicago do not care about the Law Abiding Citizen. They care only about the criminals that their policies have created, and it is their policies that have created them.

California is suffering from major smash and grab LOOTING due to the lack of arresting and then holding the Criminals….

They have made an announcement that the word LOOTING is you guessed it, RACIST and should not be used.

When will it End…. The Insanity

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