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Did you read about the care home where elderly Christian residents who refused to answer ‘intrusive’ questions about their sexuality have been punished by having their council grant axed?

Brighton & Hove Council told the home to ask pensioners four times a year about their sexual orientation under its ‘fair access and diversity’ policies, which stem from New Labour equality laws. Council chiefs also accused the charity that runs the home of ‘institutional discrimination’, before cutting a £13,000 grant towards warden services. Phil Wainwright, director of human resources for Pilgrim Homes, said he was told by the council the home had to ask residents if they were lesbian, gay, bisexual, heterosexual or ‘unsure’, even if they objected.

Many of the elderly rebelled, however, and the home wrote to the council saying residents did not want to participate. Mr Wainwright said: ‘There was a strong feeling among people in the home that the questions were inappropriate and intrusive. They felt they had come to Pilgrim Homes because of its Christian ethos and were upset they were not protected from such intrusions.’

So, in a fit of right-on pique the Council has axed the grant that the care home used to help fund warden services for these elderly folk. That’ll teach these frail old people to dare to hide their sexual preferences from the Council, right?

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  1. this is why those of us who would rather get on with something else have to continually draw to the public’s attention what the pro-homosexual groups are doing – they will not leave the rest of us alone but insist on pushing their agenda on everyone else. Absolutely appalling.

  2. Hilarious Mahons. Let’s hope when you’re in your old age (by which point it’ll probably be compulsory not to be buggering the person in the zimmer frame to the left) you don’t have the courage to tick the ‘none of your business’ box. Got my doubts personally.

  3. Brighton and Hove is well known for its substantial fag community, so it comes as no surprise.

    Disgraceful !

  4. DSD – having worked for a number of years in a nursing home (in the lofty capacity of a dishwasher), I must say I do not find the residents to be "the lucky ones" as we say of people who achieve ripe old age.

    If, by your kind wishes, I do achieve a long life that finds me among the "teeth in a glass at nightime" community at some rest home for senior bloggers I hope I hope I have the courage to suggest where the bureaucrats could stick their survey.

    I certainly intend to do then what I do now, and that is not take everything so seriously.

  5. The council should not be instructing the Home employers to ask these questions. If they withold a grant on this basis then I would hope the courts would intervene to stop such petty vindictive behaviour by the local authority.

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