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Here is a smiling President Bush. I’m sure most readers recognise him. In the picture, posing beside him on the left is chubby-cheeked Martin McGuinness. Who is he? Well, he is the Deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland. What else is he? Oh yes – he is an unrepentant terrorist godfather, who is alleged to have personally murdered 13 people and authorised the murders of many more during his period as a senior IRA leader. He is the scum of the earth, his hands drip the metaphorical and literal blood of innocents. And Bush stands smiling beside him. Mr President – you make me sick.

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21 thoughts on “WHERE THE WAR ON TERROR ENDS..

  1. ‘alleged to have personally murdered 13 people and authorised the murders of many more during his period as a senior IRA leader.’

    Sure whats a few thousand Iraqis or so eh?

  2. Maybe Bush has a cunning plan to discredit Martin by appearing to be friends with him!

  3. President Bush was probably thinking "I have no real idea who these 2 foreigners really are but hey I pose for pictures with all sorts of tinpot politicians every day for diplomatically correct reasons so these 2 limeys /paddies/ whatever won’t make any difference "

  4. Maybe Bush has a cunning plan to discredit Martin by appearing to be friends with him!

    Its working, Charles.

    Very insightful of you.

  5. On a side note the President is moving to Dallas in Jan. Their house is reported to be about 4 miles from my pharmacy. Might I be his pharmacist??

  6. *Caption competition*

    "Who can smile the most insincere smile?"

    "My shirt is whiter than yours?"

    "I’m a liability, get me outta here?"

    Any takers?

    [I’m sure ATW resident wits Mahons & Colm won’t let us down]

  7. Looks like Mary just told the story of The Punt’s "invasion" of Clontibret. Bush and Marty are having a right laugh while the poor Punt just doesn’t possess the confidence to laugh at himself.

  8. The BBC Radio & Telly,

    Again on this taxpayer funded organisation I read of another state employee this time on the cretinous Radio 1,who made unfunny and juvenile remarks,this time, about Polish women.This ‘DJ’ by the name of Moyles [Salary quoted – £650,000 ] was defended by his boss maybe because that is the nature of this kind of broadcasting , the highly paid and educated BBC management who think that the audience for their sewage are incapable of understanding anything intelligent. or civilised,but then they don’t live in the areas of the UK where the kids who listen to and are influenced by this rubbish indulge in so much anti-social and criminal behaviour.
    To understand the full horror of the BBC’s popular output,at least on Radio,just listen to the rich middle aged guy called Westwood who sounds like he is from the slums of South Central Los Angeles but is the son of a Bishop who went to an English Private School .

    My question ;Is this a conspiracy by the English middle class to keep the proles in their place?
    I can understand the commercial stations spewing out this stuff,that is what they do,but the BBC?

    The Reithian idea was to Educate,Inform and Entertain and as an Irishman,I WAS Educated, Informed and Entertained by the BBC,especially the World Service,but these days the BBC is,generally, banal, juvenile and patronising,so I rarely switch it on and make a point to never watch the TV news- which no intelligent person could possibly take seriously!

    But coming back to the BBC Radio and Telly output for younger people and Radio 1 in particular,why should we,the adult taxpayer,pay for this muck -do the BBC Managers think that if the Corporation gets them young they will grow up and become Radio 4 &3 listeners,or is it all about keeping their audience docile and stupid?

    George Orwell got much of his material whilst working for this organisation………..

  9. On St Patricks day 1964, the Irish Ambassador arrived with a large bowl of shamrocks for the President LBJ. He was astounded to here he was not the first Irishman to visit the President on St Patricks day, Terence ONeill had already visited. The Irish Ambassador dropped the bowl of Shamrock in shock! It only goes to prove that the US Administration was not anti Unionist, in fact it was giving its blessing to ONeill and his reforms . Which were brought down by the unholy alliance of stirrers like Paisley and Farrell amongst others!

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