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One of the first acts of the Obama Administration was to toss the Bust of Winston Churchill out of the Oval Office and send it back to Britain. Another accomplishment that his administration has accomplished was to leak intel for political gain that exposed British Undercover Agents in the war on terror.

The Obama Administration’s record on 90% of our military objectives has been a huge disaster. It has cost us 80% minimum of what we were supposed to gain from the cost of our blood in Iraq. He has tied the hands of our soldiers in Afghanistan, forbidding our troops to operate at night, when 99.9% of American Military Ground Operations are designed to be executed at night. Our troops are not even allowed to return fire at the enemy in the daylight without clearing it through the chain of command.

More American and Coalition forces have died in Afghanistan in the 3 1/2 years of Obama’s engagement rules than in the entire 7 years under Bush.

The only thing the Obama Regime has gotten right in the war zone is the use of our robotic toys. The American Drone campaign has been and continues to be an unprecedented success.

So with all do respect to our one of only two true Allies in the world, I say first I love you, and I respect you.

Now Go to Hell!

US ‘should hand over footage of drone strikes or face UN inquiry’

 The UN special rapporteur on human rights to urge establishing a mechanism to investigate such killings

The US must open itself to an independent investigation into its use of drone strikes or the United Nations will be forced to step in, Ben Emmerson QC said yesterday.
Mr Emmerson, a leading London barrister and UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights and Counter-Terrorism, said America is facing mounting global pressure over its use of UAVs and he is preparing a report for the next session of the Human Rights Council in March. The issue, he insists, will “remain at the top of the UN political agenda until some consensus and transparency has been achieved”.

American UAV strikes, most notably in Pakistan and Yemen, have shot up since Barrack Obama came to power. Estimates state that while there were 52 such strikes during George W Bush’s time, this number has risen to 282 over the past three and a half years, with officials justifying it has international “self defence” against a stateless enemy.

Mr Emmerson said it was time for the US to open itself up to scrutiny as to the legality of such attacks. While it remains nigh on impossible for observers to establish the truth on the ground in many of areas, each strike is visually recorded and videos could be passed to independent assessors, he explained.

“We can’t make a decision on whether it is lawful or unlawful if we do not have the data. The recommendation I have made is that users of targeted killing technology should be required to subject themselves, in the case of each and every death, to impartial investigation. If they do not establish a mechanism to do so, it will be my recommendation that the UN should put the mechanisms in place through the Human Rights Council, the General Assembly and the Office of the High Commissioner”, he said.

He continued: “The Obama administration continues formally to adopt the position that it will neither confirm nor deny the existence of the drone program, whilst allowing senior officials to give public justifications of its supposed legality in personal lectures and interviews. In reality the administration is holding its finger in the dam of public accountability. There are now a large number of law suits, in different parts of the world, including in the UK, Pakistan and in the US itself, through which pressure for investigation and accountability is building.”

The Obama Administration will be gone in less than 6 months. The War with Islamic Terrorists has only just begun. Your Nation has Disarmed itself. The Drones you fly over the battlefield carry no armaments. You no longer have a Navy, You no longer have an Air Force. The Soldiers that serve in your Military are some of the best in the world, but they are too few in number.

If you have chosen that you can no longer stand with the U.S, then GO HOME. If you choose to stand with those aligned against us, make the choice openly, put to your people that this is the direction you choose, and understand the consequences of your choices.

I write this knowing two things, one a lot of the people that read this will gladly make that choice. I also know this site is viewed by members of the British Parliament. Keep in mind the Ties that bind.

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59 thoughts on “Where we have been led to, or you can all go to hell.

  1. No UK reader of this site (even an accidental reader) would consider your offerings worthy of consideration.

  2. Then that’s even more the pity Mahons.

    The world is at war, it is a war not of our making. We did not start it, we have come no where near ending it.

    The U.S, and Great Britain held the tide back for 60 years after WWII.

    Now the only army left of the West is the U.S. the man you are voting for is gutting it. He cut funding the SOSUS system last month the Russians patrolled the Gulph of Mexico with an Akula missile sub, one the intend to sell to Venezuela.

    That sub from the Gulf has a missile range of 1800 miles. It can carry 10 Nuclear cruise missiles with that range and the ability to be tipped each with 5-10 megaton warhead.

    Venezuela is building launch pads with Iranian technicians, Morsi President of Egypt just went on Pilgrimage to kiss the ring of Imamadjihad in Iran.

    Do you really want the British to be demanding that we reveal the technical capabilities of our drones?

    That’s what turning over their surveillance footage would do.

    Do you really think the War with the Islamists and the Communists is winding down, not up?

  3. yes yes FO a truly credible source the White House blog. A story that even describes how they have been trying to spin the story from the day he had it removed from the Oval Office. Why don’t you read Obama’s own words in his book dreams of my father about his feelings towards the British, ahh but truth from even his own mouth would not sway you would it?

    A new biography of Barack Obama has established that his grandfather was not, as is related in the President’s own memoir, detained by the British in Kenya and found that claims that he was tortured were a fabrication.
    ‘Barack Obama: The Story’ by David Maraniss catalogues dozens of instances in which Obama deviated significantly from the truth in his book ‘Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance’. The 641-page book punctures the carefully-crafted narrative of Obama’s life.
    One of the enduring myths of Obama’s ancestry is that his paternal grandfather Hussein Onyango Obama, who served as a cook in the British Army, was imprisoned in 1949 by the British for helping the anti-colonial Mau Mau rebels and held for several months.

    In a 2008 interview, Sarah Obama claimed that he was ‘whipped every morning and evening’ by the British. ‘They would sometimes squeeze his testicles with metal rods. They also pierced his nails and buttocks with a sharp pin, with his hands and legs tied together. He was lucky to survive. Some of his fellow inmates were mutilated with castration pliers and beaten to death with clubs.’
    But Maraniss, who researched Obama’s life in Kenya, Indonesia, Hawaii and the mainland United States, found that there were ‘no remaining records of any detention, imprisonment, or trial of Hussein Onyango Obama’. He interviewed five people who knew Obama’s grandfather, who died in 1979, who ‘doubted the story or were certain it did not happen’.

    yet that’s what was in his book, so your defense by posting more lies done on the Presidents behalf really carry no weight.

    What else is false The fact that this Administrations leaks put british intelligence assets in risk of their lives? or The Story from the Telegraph of the Brit in the UN demanding we prove the legality of how we are conducting the war.

    Try a little harder.

  4. Troll –

    If members of the UK (not British) Parliament read this blog, it’s no wonder some of them want to loosen ties with the US, though I doubt even MPs can believe you speak for Americans.

    A couple of days ago you rudely told others to do some research when you couldn’t be bothered linking to a story you posted. In fact I see that, yet again, you fail to link to the news piece you use for this post. This is extremely sloppy.

    Now if you bothered to do some research you’d see that Ben Emmerson QC is a founding member of (Cherie Blair’s) Matrix Chambers, an outfit created to gouge as much wealth via the human rights industry as possible. If you had half a brain you’d realise that he’s speaking as a UN apparatchik and realise that he’s an enemy of national sovereignty.

    If you could think for a second you’d realise that he no more speaks for us than Judge Elena Kagan speaks for you.

  5. Pete just as you can believe what is told to you from Jones and Paul the members of the British Government can believe the whispering of who ever they want. Lets see you say the UK, you mean the same group that the scotts are trying to flee from the same umbrella half the Irish have been actually killing to get away from? That United Kingdom?

    No I’m talking to the Brits the ones who are about to have their ass kicked out of the Falklands, the ones that have to run their unarmed drones from Nevada because you don’t have the facilities to do it from the UK.

    Russia is rebuilding it’s Military, your Streets are clogged with Islamists, France has huge swaths where unless you are an Islamist you dare not tread.

    Instead of listening to the American fringe Pete why not look in your own front yard and see what’s coming.

    Do I speak for America? Hell no, but my voice, feelings and thoughts are more representative of the American majority than any other yank on this blog.

    and it amuses me that you find that offensive.

  6. Troll, reduced to telling yarns again?

    Do you believe your female family members can be ‘legitimately’ raped?

    Akin and his Ilk are the clowns you put in charge of the population. Shame on you.

  7. Troll –

    Notwithstanding that I don’t want UK forces using drones, because (as Americans are incrasingly finding) they’ll be used on us, the RAF’s drones are armed, ground facilities are currently being built here, the Scots are not trying to leave the UK, we are not about to be kicked out of the Falklands and half the Irish have not been killing others.

    The foregoing aside, Ben Emmerson QC does not speak for Britain. You make up stuff in every post of yours now. Nothing you type has anything more than comic value.

    You are a shambles and a disgrace.

  8. Pinky
    First off which side of pond are you living on these days? Second point out a single inaccuracy. Third my daughters can shoot and are well trained in hand to hand combat.

    I see you have been giddy over Akins stupid comment, I don’t know which I find more amusing the lefts venom of attack when a Republican says something stupid or their total ignoring of everytime their vice president opens his mouth.

    So tell me pink why haven’t you commented about the 11 year old Down Syndrome girl they will probably stone to death, while you salivate over just stupid words said by a party you despise.

    Your support for free abortion on demand to kill a child in the womb out weighs any outrage of killing a retarded girl because she may have burnt the pages of some book.

    How wonderfully sophisticated of you, I’m sure Akin will be the gossip on the Vinyard while the retarded little girl being killed in the name of Islam won’t get a mention.

    Oh welcome back

  9. How do you know what I have or have not commented on?

    Shame on you for hating your own family members enough to vote for retards such as Akin.

    Am I outraged by his comments? More amused and relieved in fact!

    Amused because it proves yet again that you and he and Patty are dumber than ditches and relieved because his words tell the sane among us what type of thinking is behind is ‘Personhood Bill’ ( that he co-sponsored with Toasted Paul Ryan) and his claims that climate change science is bunk! LOL He sits on the SCIENCE committee and believes that in a legitiamte rape the woman’s body knows to reject the semen of her rapist.

  10. Pinky

    Akin, idiot though he is, never said that there were legitimate reasons to rape anyone. He just didn’t.

    He spoke with huge ignorance of the human body, and with supreme disregard to the situation rape victims are in, but lets be fair.

  11. Who claimed he said ‘legitiamte reasons?’

    What he believes is that some women could pretend they are raped just to access abortion services. Legitimate rapes- get it?

    Please read his comments from Sunday and previously. This is the whole crux of the matter- he legislated on that belief!!! With Paul Ryan.

    Women of America are gonna LOVE that!

  12. yes Romney is a cultist mega millionaire that when not marrying multiple wives is killing other peoples, and Ryan is a crazed Irish Catholic taking orders from rome (just like JFK i might add) that likes to push old women in wheel chairs over cliffs, together they have constituted the greatest threat to the civilized world and I am sure neither of you will know a single person that voted for them.

    Which is just going to be icing on the cake as they defeat the marxist and the idiot now occupying the offices…. lol

  13. oh and don’t hijack my thread, keep your idiocy on the other two threads. I want to hear from all those brave patriotic citizens of the UK, GB, EU whatever your calling yourself this week that are ready to surrender or have already to their Islamic betters.

    Because that is the stance of your government in the UN

  14. Troll,

    Are you worried that Romney may be finanically supporting terrorist activity abroad? Is that the next piece of news about him? And you, dumbass, living hand to mouth in PA will go out and vote for him.

    Obama will win by a landslide, the democrats will gain in the Senate and may even take back the house.

    Thanks to you and your tea party stupidity.

    Hold me to that!

  15. Troll,
    wasn’t it the Israelis who invented/developed aerial drones?

    (from Hell. First Class post)

  16. have a fun day, I’m off to deal with those that cling to their bibles an their guns

  17. “Because that is the stance of your government in the UN”

    Forget the guns, you need to buy a brain instead.

  18. The drone campaign in Afghanistan is a warm-up for the big event – the drone campaign against Americans. Unfortunately, the Americans who visit this site will approve because……. it’s for freedom:


    FAA Releases Thousands of Pages of Drone Records
    We just received new information today about drone flights in the United States, including extensive details about the specific drone models some entities are flying, where they fly, how frequently they fly, and how long they stay in the air. The 125 drone certificates and accompanying documents the FAA released today total thousands of pages and were released in response to EFF’s Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, which has already uncovered the list of all entities licensed to fly domestic drones.

  19. No vital organs for sale in the states, Pete.

    That would violate many esoteric, humanist principles based on religious garble, scurrilous profit motives and speculative medical mojo.

    I’d gladly chip in if you founded a non-profit org dedicated to providing brain transplants for those afflicted with serious epistemic closure.

  20. Phantom,

    “Akin, idiot though he is, never said that there were legitimate reasons to rape anyone. He just didn’t.”

    No he didn’t. But with his choice of term he let the mask slip and people got a good look at his thought processes. He meant to distinguish forcible rape, like rape at knifepoint, from other forms like date rape, statutory rape, etc.

    That he thinks this distinction should matter is the problem.

    The fact that he and others like him don’t get that it’s the problem is also the problem.

  21. That he thinks this distinction should matter is the problem.
    The fact that he and others like him don’t get that it’s the problem is also the problem.

    Yeah, exactly.

  22. ” In an effort to move beyond his “legitimate rape” comments, U.S. Senate candidate Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo.) launched a new section of his website that asks supporters to sign a petition telling his opponent, Sen. Claire McCaskill, that “You’re Standing With Todd Akin.”

    But when the website was first launched, his campaign made an embarrassing spelling mistake, misspelling “you’re” as “your.”


    Troll writes Akin’s stuff for him?

  23. The core of the Tea Party is militantly stupid. They’re as proud of their defective spelling as they are of their defective thinking.

    But you guys are unfair to the idiot, still.

    A great concern of the anti abortion movement is that if there is a rape exception, any woman who wants an abortion will claim that she was raped. That’s where the ” legitimate rape ” reference comes from.

    This guy is hanging himself pretty good with the things that he actually said- no need to embellish.

  24. it’s amusing to see that the majority of this group can’t talk on legitimate topics.

    You are so desperate to grasp a anything that will build confidence in your minds against the disaster that has been the Obama Presidency. and yes Pinky your words will be marked and provide a segment in the laughing post I will write the day after the election.

    The sadness I feel that the great Lion has been reduced to nothing but a minor state in the impotent EU willing to grab it’s ankles and act as a mouth piece for their growing Islamic majority that your elected officials put their sensitivities over your rights and your safety.

    You worry about the comments of one stupid American politician while young women are groomed for sex slaves in your country and murdered for shaming their families. Your view of what is important and where the threat lays are the words that are being written on your nations tombstone.

    You have become the equivalent of a vassal state controlled more and more economically by the germans as your streets are converted to 3rd world slums under the jurisdiction of sharia rather than british common law.

    I ask again where is the British Navy, Air Force, Army? The answer is simple non existent.

    It is becoming more and more obvious that Pete and Alan truly are the honest representation of the common EU citizen.

  25. oh and while Aikin said stupid things this is what is ignored by those who are outraged by his stupid comment

    Minn. Rep. Kerry Gauthier caught with zipper down… literally. Admits to having ‘no strings attached’ sex with 17-year-old boy at rest stop, police say
    The Minnesota Democrat posted Craigslist ad trolling for anonymous sex partners. State Democratic leaders are asking him to withdraw from re-election bid in wake of scandal.

    Comments (132)

    Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/minn-rep-kerry-gauthier-caught-zipper-literally-admits-strings-attached-sex-17-year-old-boy-rest-stop-article-1.1140833#ixzz24F8mpN8k

  26. “I’m gonna send a drone to Aberdeen”

    Actually for once Allan has a semblance of a point but of course it is overstated (it is not like there is some plan to use unmanned drones to bomb Americans).

    There are privacy implications to these things when used for surveillance.

  27. Oh the irony.

    “It is becoming more and more obvious that Pete and Alan truly are the honest representation of the common EU citizen”

    It’s not only that Allan and I have repeatedly been clear in our rejection of the EU and its legitimacy in British affairs, but the Republican Party in which Troll is a loyal little soldier has, for decades, been as pro-EU as any political faction.

  28. Pete,
    I consider myself a loyal patriotic Englishman, proud of the good we have done in the world, proud of our achievements, proud of having an Empire which we built almost by accident ,and then disengaged from with a relatively good grace. Where colonies and provinces indicated their democratic desire to stay within our field of influence we accommodated them to the satisfaction of most.

    The flip side is that I do not regard patriotism or loyalty as blind adherences to the land of my birth. Like you I believe our involvement in the European project has been a disaster which has robbed us of vitality and self determination. I remain anti multiculturalist on the grounds that it has been forced upon the British people, and has seriously destabilised our own culture and values.
    I do not regard myself as racist. I think many foreigners who have made their home here shame us with their enterprise, appreciation of education and work ethic.
    I think in many ways our own class system, laziness and bloodymindedness; led to the wars between the workforces manipulated by (often) Communist led unions, and arrogant ineffectual managements unable to see that both sides needed each other as the Germans were able to see.
    That in large part led to the demise of our once great industries and the increasing dependence on imported skills and labour whilst a lot of our own people rot their lives away on tax payer funded benefits.

    I also believe that the potency of our armed forces is being whittled away in favour of a grand European military junket which shelters under the safety of an American umbrella, whilst posturing and shouting insults at the people holding the umbrella.
    In this regard I think Troll is right, but we don’t like to face up to it.

  29. Agit8ed –

    Troll isn’t saying that.

    That the Armed Forces are being wittled away in itself wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing, as long as what we had was sufficient to defend our islands and our vainglorious politicians stopped believing that the way to be seen as “great” is to kill as many people as possible.

    However, in true Euro form, we will one day be told we might as well have a Euro military now that the Armed Forces have shrunk, but the point is to set that up in opposition to the US. The EU is a protectionist block which is anti-US. The GOP, being fervently pro-EU and too stupid to understand what’s going on, never realised this.

  30. The US has generally been pro Common Market / EU since he end of WW2, on the theory thqt it was good for European prosperity and that it would make it less likely that yet another major war would emerge from Europe. There has been a large bipartisan consensus on this in political and other circles here

  31. “On the theory that it was good for European prosperity and that it would make it less likely that yet another major war would emerge from Europe.”
    And by inference that a prosperous Europe would share the load of keeping the world safe and secure.
    Which it has signally failed to do.

  32. Pete
    A8 is and has just espoused what I have always viewed as the true Englishmen’s view.

    You keep making statements about the GOP, about American Conservatives, about the Tea Party. You don’t know or understand any of the 3.

  33. I will stand for a correction I was wrong about the RAF drones being unarmed. It seems they have been actually quite busy.

    The RAF’s Predator MQ-9 Reapers, launched from Kandahar but piloted from Creech Air Force Base in Nevada by 39 Squadron, are used for surveillance in Afghanistan.

    MoD figures from May state that UK drones had flown a total of 34,750 hours and fired 281 missiles and laser-guided bombs.

    so why isn’t Emmerson just demanding the release of the films from his own countries drones? Surely this great human rights activist will be lining up to show the clean kills from the RAF as opposed to the Illegal ones of the US.

  34. Troll –

    “You keep making statements about the GOP, about American Conservatives, about the Tea Party. You don’t know or understand any of the 3.”

    What’s to understand? You’re mainly a bunch of socialist creeps in love with war, welfare and mega-government when it’s doing what you like.

    The irony, of course, is that not only do you not understand actual American conservatism (who cares about the GOP or Tea Party?), you’re ignorantly hostile to it.

    You’re hostile to it because you’re an unthinking GOP loyalist (which no true conservative would be) and the GOP has been turned, politically, into just another corrupt social democratic party at home and fascist expansionist abroad.

    I’m afraid it’s you, sunshine, who has no idea what American conservatism means.

  35. our vainglorious politicians stopped believing that the way to be seen as “great” is to kill as many people as possible.”

    obviously they don’t believe that. No true Brit would espouse the killing of innumerable people as a sign of greatness.
    No , our politicians give away large chunks of taxpayers’ money to projects around the world and countries who really don’t need it..

  36. Agit8ed –

    Clearly they do believe that, at least since Margaret Thatcher was seen as a war leader who triumphed. Tony Blair was fixated with the idea of being a great war leader. Cameron hasn’t been quite so obvious but he’s as keen as Blair to send our troops all over the place to do some killing.

    They’re not unusual. Most politicians love killing.

  37. No,
    big difference between a real threat to a British dependency -politically opportune or not- and a self regarding,self serving “please like me!” cynic like Tony Blair.
    You only have to watch footage of Tony Blair with George Bush Jr. to see how smitten he was with power.
    Margaret Thatcher for all her faults wanted the best for Britain, not herself.
    Where is Blair the Socialist now? Raking in the millions and basking in the adulation.
    Margaret Thatcher meanwhile slips away mourning the loss of her husband and trying to recover from the stab in the back delivered by the Tory party grandees…

  38. “delivered by the Tory party grandees… who didn’t have the balls to stand up to her, so did the next best thing and waited ’til her back was turned.. “

  39. Agit8ed –

    Before we go down that road, I’m not attributing the same motivations to Margaret Thatcher and Blair. It was entirely justified to liberate the Falklands, but it set into British politics the idea that a Prime Minister has to send our forces all over the world to be great. The failing, in falling for this, lies with narcissistic politicians.

    It’s the same in the US, of course. The better (or least bad) presidents such Martin van Buren (pro peace, trade and hard currency) are hardly known while the mega-killers, mega-looters and mega-regulators (Lincoln, T. Roosevelt, Wilson, FDR, Truman, JFK, Johnson, Nixon, Reagan, Clinton, Bush, Obama) are all well known and often celebrated.

  40. Pete,
    I disagree. It was the sheer cynicism and growing acceptance of non accountability to the electorate that made it acceptable.
    I would go as far as to say that Margaret Thatcher was the last truly great Prime Minister we had, and that Gordon Brown, disastrous though he was, remained a conviction politician.
    Since then our politicians have become both contemptible and contemptuous.

  41. Pete hates all the presidents that Americans love.

    Martin van Buren, yes he’s the man.

  42. Frank those that serve in your military have my utmost respect and support, the shame is they don’t have either from their crown or country.

  43. Agit8ed –

    “Great” politicians usually leave a great trail of looting, spending and killing behind them. I really don’t think we need any more greats.

  44. yes lets have some more kings, or communists. They have left nothing but peace and love as their mark on the world.

    Oh I know we can all convert to Islam and live in the peaceful blessings of Moe in the caliphate

  45. Pete,

    ““Great” politicians usually leave a great trail of looting, spending and killing behind them. I really don’t think we need any more greats.”

    Ha ha!
    Winston left a lot of dead behind him, but they died in the cause of freedom: and without the great Winston Churchill I doubt we would have made it through the war anyway. And I’ve never seen anything to show that he gloried in those deaths.
    Likewise Margaret Thatcher, she wanted to restore greatness and vitality to Britain, not to herself..

    You’ll have to look elsewhere for an excuse not to pay your tv licence! 😉

  46. Agit8ed –

    Margaret Thatcher carried out some great and necessary reforms. Those who laud her must be honest and consistent, however, and admit that her governments increased taxation and spending, inflated our money and unleashed a great quangocratic disaster on the UK.

  47. Pete,
    I don’t think anyone on ATW could accuse me of a lack of honesty or openness….
    Maybe I could use a smidgin more tact sometimes…
    Anyway yes,
    That is the problem. Maggie was a great leader, but like any human she made mistakes. So I agree with your conclusions,but I think she tried hard to address the problems facing Britain at the time and unwittingly replaced those with others.
    I still think that there is too much state interference, and the government has turned into a public company providing career opportunities for second rate politicians, all subsidised by apathetic and impotent taxpayers.

  48. She had a terribly hard personality. I detected none of the softness and geniality that you often saw from Reagan, which led to friendships and working relationships across the political aisle.

    I wonder if she could have done more if some of the hard edges had been softened?

    And I’m well aware that she had to deal with militant union issues that were not the same in degree for Reagan.

  49. Pete no that’s what makes you harder to stomach, you honestly believe the insanity of Jones, Paul and other lunacy that you put forth

  50. “Arthur Scargill was an inspiration.”

    said the yappy little poodle, apropos of nothing at all…

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