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No-one was arrested today for “a breach if the peace”. His non-crime wasn’t to report on the trial of yet another alleged muslim peado gang.

We don’t know any of that because there’s a reporting restriction on this kind of thing.

And the UK isn’t like Saudi Arabia in any way whatsoever.

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11 thoughts on “WHERE’S TOMMY?

  1. The liberals will run out of carpet to brush it all under, long, long before the Muslim rape gangs run out of white children to rape.

  2. The UK is doomed and the recent coupling of Harry & Meghan should be an omen to the rapid approaching calamity that is about to befall a once proud Nation.

  3. Why’s that then Eddie? (BTW, Britain is a nation, the UK isn’t)

    It seems that tiny Tommy was subject to a previous suspended sentence and his attention seeking has been halted for some thirteen months.

  4. I’m no fan of Tommy Robinson, but arresting him for peacefully reporting outside Court under the ridiculous charge of breach of the peace is a worrying development.

  5. It’s my understanding that he tried to film the defendants prior to the verdict being reached therefore potentially compromising the outcome of the case and that’s why he was arrested Dave.

  6. Paul McMahon,

    That’s my understanding too Paul. But correct me if I’m wrong, there’s no law forbidding people from filming defendants outside Court. The rest of the media does this all the time.

  7. As David says on his other blog there are existing reporting restrictions on the case Dave.

    I don’t know but TT isn’t exactly impartial on such things they were worried about the case being compromised.

  8. Paul.

    I hadn’t realised there were reporting restrictions on this case/cases that included reporting on them outside the court.
    Do we know why there are restrictions?

  9. I don’t know about this particular case Dave but from previous cases they’re usually imposed to protect the possibility of identifying the victim

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