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An iconic prize: the worst statue in the world …












… and they’re pulling it apart. Have they not heard of ebay?!

I know people who’d pay a fortune for that, for good reason too. It’d set off an Essex lawn something lovely.

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  1. What it shows is how some Islamic countries have a culture of violence and retribution, and a negative attitude to what we would call art and progress. It shows how far these people have to travel, and how a stricter adherence to the faith binds them to the past.
    Can’t wait for this new facet of multiculturalism to demonstrate its cultural delights here…

  2. The Germans tore town the Berlin Wall pretty fast, too.

    I’m cool with this.

    Good luck to the Libyans. For the first time in a half century, they’ve got a shot.


    It comes with the territory…….

    Unevolved, third-world tribal cultures which tend to immerse themselves in banal pleasures and instant gratification (cue in the Brit rioters) are generally too stupid and to unmotivated to do anything but take handouts and kowtow to their self-appointed masters who through stealth and unadulterated theft make themselves billions.

    The Irish are prime examples.

    Take a well deserved bow Bertie and Biffo. You’re fine examples of Hibernian Gaddafis!

  4. No thanks I don’t want that tat on my Essex lawn. I’ll stick with the life size tasteful statue of Michael Barrymore mooning R2D2. Classy!

  5. Dog,

    I always thought that the statue which featured Michael Barrymore was the one with the swimming pool! Along with the remains, of course, of the dead young man who was raped and drowned in that same swimming pool!

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