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In the UK it is increasingly more difficult to get to see your NHS doctor. This is despite the fact that they are better paid than ever, work shorter hours than ever, and enjoy better pensions that most could ever dream about. So now they are upset…

The Health Service cannot be treated like an open all hours Tesco store, doctors warned yesterday.

They claimed plans for seven-day services were wasteful and could even threaten patient safety.

Outpatient clinics and routine operations on Saturdays and Sundays would lead to similar services being cancelled in the week, according to the British Medical Association. It says the strategy is wholly unrealistic because it will intensify demand without providing any extra cash to meet it.

These GP’s get it completely wrong. The Health Service SHOULD be run like Tesco. It should be open 24/7 365 days a year. It SHOULD be solely focused on providing what customers i.e. Patients want. It SHOULD accept that opening for four and a half days a week is scandalous. It SHOULD never cease to work harder for patients. These whinging GP’s are overpaid, underworked and we need to see this situation change. The problem with our GP system is that it revolves around the needs of doctors – not patients.

On a recent visit to my own GP there was a huge sign up advising patients to stay away or if they MUST get medical opinion go and visit a Pharmacist. Incredible stuff from a failing socialised healthcare system.

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  1. David,

    I don’t believe you’ve even read the (typically disingenuous) Daily Mail article that you refer to.

  2. I can remember the time before the NHS, I had a Doctor working alone and should I be ill I either went to his surgery, morning and evening and Saturday morning. If too ill to go there, he would come to me, day or night. We respected Doctors then, as we did the Police. Pity really, all that has now gone!

  3. Matt,

    I have been a fan of the NHS since its inception, and as with yourself, find some of the criticism aimed at our latter day version, to be painful, – but at the same time having to admit, that much of it is valid. The last five years have seen a marked and undeniable deterioration across the board, both in the GP and hospital sectors.

    There are of course many reasons for the marked decline, indeed too many incidents to discuss on a blog, however that doesn’t mean we should ignore the overall decline.

    The linked article, – also from the DM – gives us an idea of what might be at the root of much of the trouble – the idea that ‘the system must be protected at all costs’, an idiom that it must be said has spread from the ‘top’, i.e. government, downwards, and is one of the ten commandments of the catechism of the religion of Greed.

    I would hope that the medical profession aspired to be far better and to offer far better than anything Tescos has to offer, after all the NHS is a personal service, not just another numbers racket.


  4. Nhs tesco styke offers..this week only buy one vasectomy get one free… Nose jobs..50% off with voucher and double clubcard points. Yep this could work.

  5. Surely many GP surgeries are already operating like Tescos. When you try and get an appointment you get a BOGOF ­čśë

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