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The “Friends of Syria” are gathering in Tunisia (whatever are they trying to say with that choice of location?), enjoined by those paragons of civil peace Saudi Arabia. As usual when there’s a Clinton in the room, the prospects for death and destruction look good. Says the Secretary of State mysteriously:

There will be increasingly capable opposition forces. They will from somewhere, somehow, find the means to defend themselves as well as begin offensive measures.

Translation: Assad is toast.

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14 thoughts on “WITH FRIENDS LIKE THESE …

  1. Translation: Assad is toast.

    Yes, the butchering son of a butcher well deserves to be burned alive, along with his child-killing henchmen.

  2. Pete – how sad for you that Syria, an actual police state, whose support has essentially been reduced to its fellow minded baddies, is facing international pressure to stop the massacre of its own civilians.

  3. Mahons

    Yes, Russia and China must be well pleased with the result of their veto a couple of weeks ago. It was a green light for full-scale massacre, as they well knew.

  4. “As usual when there’s a Clinton in the room, the prospects for death and destruction look good.”

    Rubbish. There’s been death and destruction on a massive scale in Syria for months. When a tyrant starts massacring his people, anyone and everyone has a right to go in and stop him.

    There was a time when intervention was impossible, as the rebels hadn’t liberated any territory and the uprising hadn’t become open civil war, and the forces of democracy and, frankly, humanity, had to be left alone to fight and die.

    That time is gone. The important thing now is that the murderer is stopped in his tracks, not who does it or what outside forces benefit or who in the west gets the heebie jeebies from it.

  5. Noel Cunningham –

    Given the Balkans, Somalia and North Africa, the smart money goes into bullets and bombs when the Clintons pitch up to make peace.

    There has not been “death and destruction on a massive scale” in Syria. It’s a relatively small and disorganised uprising, focused mainly on Homs and encouraged by the US/British/French interventions elsewhere in the Middle East. To say otherwise makes actual “massive” death and destruction beyond meaning however bad life is in Homs.

    However, given H. Clinton’s words above, you can bet there will be massive death and destruction before long.

  6. Pete

    It really is sad to see you as a de-facto supporter of this appalling regime. Perhaps you have criticised the butcher boy of Damascus, but if so I must have missed it.

    You are lining up with a brutal, kleptocratic, genocidal, and of course unelected minority regime. A regime that is supported only by Russia, China and Iran. So your libertarian attacks against the USA and dear old Blighty (however justified) will in future carry a lot less weight, as I’m sure you’re aware.

  7. Peter –

    Yeah, I’m defending the libertarian Assad regime.

    Come on.

    Look, to suggest that the State Dept might not come in peace and have the interests of Syrians at heart is not controversial. Given just its recent history, a de facto limited rebellion will rise into a full scale and very bloody civil war. Then we can all avert our gaze from the atrocities to follow.

    It really wasn’t that long ago that imposing utopian outcomes everywhere was resisted by the West. We once believed people ought to arrange their own affairs and sort out their own mess.

    Here’s an awkward question: not only what right do we have anyway, but what right do we have if a majority of Syrians want Assad to stay?

  8. Pete

    Who is talking about utopian? And has there been a free and fair election in Syria to determine the people’s wishes? As opposed to an “opinion poll” spouted by a right-wing American think tank which seems just love Assad.

    Assad leads a minority shia sect regime in a country with a sunni majority. He has been careful to buy in a critical mass of sunni support (and I do mean buy), but the masses of the sunni majority are excluded from power and favour and decent living standards. And a critical mass of them have had enough and are prepared to give their lives to overthrow this genocidal regime, whose only international support comes from fellow butcher regimnes in Russia, China and Iran.

    Assad’s father was a butcher and he is a butcher and he deserves to die in the same way that his family has killed tens of thousands of “their people”. Let the day come soon.

  9. “Here’s an awkward question: not only what right do we have anyway, but what right do we have if a majority of Syrians want Assad to stay?”

    That poll is pure bunk.

    The 55% figure comes from an internet survey by YouGov Siraj for al-Jazeera’s Doha Debates. Just over 1,000 people across the Arab countries were asked their opinion of Assad and an overwhelming majority – 81% – thought he should step down…A look at the methodology of the survey shows that 211 of the respondents were in Levantine countries and that 46% of those were in Syria. In other words, the finding is based on a sample of just 97 internet users in Syria among a population of more than 20 million. It’s not a meaningful result and certainly not adequate grounds for such sweeping conclusions about national opinion in Syria.


  10. Even if a majority of Syrians wanted him to stay (utterly silly but I’ll play along for argument sake) he still doesn’t have a right to turn his forces and security police on to the civilian population killing thousands.

  11. Mahons –

    Of course Assad doesn’t have the moral right to kill civilians with his military. Neither do foreign interventionists have the right to ensure that thousands more will die as a result of their schemes.

    I do wonder how some would react in slightly different circumstances. Say s strange alliance of OWS, Tea Party, NRA, militias, etc in armed insurrection against Washington would, I suspect, be met with demands from some for a good dose of military force against civilians.

  12. Wouldn;t it be better if secret hit squads were sent in to take out the top military and political brass who are ordering these brutalities ?

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