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I see that Irish PM Brian Cowen has declared that  it was “nothing short of scandalous”
that there are over 860 million hungry people in the world today. Mr
Cowen was speaking at a UN summit in New York today called
by UN secretary general Ban Ki-Moon to reaffirm commitments to
achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by 2015.

“We do not need to make further pledges if
we just deliver on what we have already promised,” he told the
assembled world leaders. “The commitments and the know-how are
already there. It is the political will and action that will make the
difference in the fight against hunger,” he added. Before the summit, Mr Cowen presented the
Government’s Hunger Task Force report to Mr Ban. He was accompanied by
some members of the taskforce including Minister for Agriculture Joe
Walsh, economist Jeffrey Sachs and Bono.

It never ceases to amaze me how posturing politicans (and in this case their egomaniac pop star cronies) like to lecture us on the world’s poor with the suggestion that if ONLY we throw more money at them, all will be better.

The truth is that poverty is most frequently associated with a lack of freedom. It is those nations that have autocrats, theocrats and  tyrants ruling over them that suffer the greatest poverty. It is endemic political corruption that causes so much misery in these lands. Cowen and the rest of the pious get it wrong. The best solution to poverty is liberty, capitalism, property rights and freedom from big government.

How many of those posturing at the UN will argue for those values? Feed the world? Yes – encourage capitalism.

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9 thoughts on “WORLD HUNGER…..

  1. Ahh but David, how many of these despotic regimes are backed, and even established by certain western govts?

  2. Ross –

    If Biffo had any shame he’d admit that the Euro has stuffed Ireland and then resign. Yeah, I know, he’s a politician …..

    Ireland was in recession in July, only confirmed now with the stats. That was when the ECB put interest rates up when Ireland desperately needed them to fall. They went up because the ECB has a regard for the Franco-German axis, not Ireland.

    If the Irish still governed themselves they’d be able to indulge in some good old socialist spending. I knw that would be mad, but what else do governments do? But even that’s denied to them since that would break the Euro-zone rules on deficits.

    So there you go. The Irish can like or lump their recession, but there’s nothing they can do about it.

  3. The worst famine countries at present are Ethopia and Zimbabwe. One is wracked by a long-running, famine-inducing war and runaway population growth – from 33 million in 1983 to a staggering 75 million in 2006.

    The other has been brought low by the tryanny of Mugabe.

    It’s not rocket science.

  4. Typical Liberal/Socialist tripe.

    Cowan, like many of his Hibernian brethern are in cloud cuckoo land.


    Bono-head is merely on an ego inflation trip. He really should stick to L.S.D. if he wants to hallucinate.

    The bottom line is there are too many people in the world.


    Only the strong survive, only the strong survive
    Oh, you’ve got to be strong, you’d better hold on
    ‘Cos only the strong survive
    Only the strong survive, only the strong survive
    Well, you’ve got to be a man, you’ve got to take a stand
    Only the strong survive, only the strong survive

  5. It would be helpful if people in these poor countries did not have about 15 children for a start. They can barely feed themselves yet the women seem to have sprogs coming out of them on an almost yearly basis. "Here is Mbumba, her and her 16 children have to walk for 10 miles to get water…." you know the usual story.

  6. –runaway population growth – from 33 million in 1983 to a staggering 75 million in 2006. —

    Astonishing. No economic growth could ever have kept up with that.

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