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My goodness, the Irish have finally found a bigger oppressor than the British!

“Ireland’s trade union chief has accused the EU-IMF troika in charge of Irish austerity policies of tipping the economy into downward spiral and acting as an imperial oppressor. “The Troika has done more damage to Ireland than Britain ever did in 800 years,” said David Begg, head of the Irish Confederation of Trade Unions.

Mr Begg said the image of Ireland as the poster-child of EU recovery was a myth cultivated by EU creditors whose only interest is to recoup their money. “At least the IMF officials are willing to admit they have been wrong but the EU officials are total ideologues.” “It is like being in an awful World War One conflict where the generals have expended a million lives to gain one yard of ground, yet nothing will change their mind in face of all the evidence.” 

The trade unions say internal consumption has collapsed by 26pc, and investment has fallen to the lowest level in recorded Irish history. Under-employment has reached 23pc despite emigration to Canada, Australia, the US and Britain. “The austerity has to stop. People feel they are drowning,” he said.

There is some truth in what he says. Ireland is drowning in debt and the idea that it can somehow trade itself out of the chasm it fell into as a result of EU imposed austerity is indeed madness. But Ireland cannot have it every way either. If it wants to stay in the EU (And that is  universal truth in the Republic) then it shouldn’t complain when the price levied is so very high. The best thing the Republic could do is LEAVE the EU but it won’t and so whilst Mr Beggs makes some valid points in the final analysis you cannot have your EU cake and eat it.

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6 thoughts on “WORSE THAN BRITAIN

  1. In the first world war the Germans (by 1915) regarded their main ally the austro hugarian Empire as being shackled to a corpse.
    Now we know how they felt.

  2. //”The Troika has done more damage to Ireland than Britain ever did in 800 years,” //

    You mean it has reduced the country to the poorest in western Europe?

    Reduced the population by half within 10 years through famine?

    Denied the people the right to vote or be elected because of their religion?

    Forced the majority of one religion to pay for the upkeep of the religion of another?

    Force the country to stay in a union that the vast majority wished to leave but couldn’t?

  3. As a British citizen, I realise that Britian did not give sufficient regard to Ireland, either before or after the 1800 Act of Union.

    I suppose it is a rather lame defence to claim that, by the standards of the time, Britain was probably slightly above average in terms of its treatment of the Irish when compared to the behaviour of other colonial powers and their subjects.

    However, I also believe the Roman Catholic Church has done little to help Ireland over all those many centuries, but usually avoids any blame. As an Irishman once said, let’s be fair and refer to our ‘ancient enemies’ – plural, not singular!

    A strange irony indeed that, freed from the shackles of Empire, Ireland went all out for the Common Market, the EC and then the EU. A great folly for a free people, and Ireland is now paying a heavy price.

    I don’t praise Sinn Fein for much (if anything) but at least they appear to be consistent in their approach and see the EU for the slavery that it is.

    My sincere and personal hope is that these islands will one day unite as equal partners in some way. We are now effectively culturally equal partners, are often treated as a single market in terms of selling goods (such as electrical items, for example). I think that England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales are STRONGER TOGETHER.

    However, I’m not holding my breath for such a unification…..but I sincerely wish peace and harmony to all of us, after all these years of strife.

  4. Noel wrote….Force the country to stay in a union that the vast majority wished to leave but couldn’t?

    What an apt description of the UK’s relationship with the ‘EU corpse’ that the Lib/Lab/Con party wants us shackled to. If Eire like the EU so much they can have two memberships..since our place would be very cheap indeed.

  5. Interesting sentiments, P Jackson. If more people thought like you in the old days, the union of Ireland and Great Britain would have meant something other than exploitation, and they would probably still be together.

  6. It is silly exaggerations like the one by David Begg that lead to union leaders being the subject of ridicule.

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