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The evil Chinese communists have imposed their national security law on Hong Kong. It’s a grim day but what else do you expect of socialists?

This was the Prime Minister’s threshold for offering 3 million educated, civilised, entrepreneurial and productive Hong Kongers a way out and into the UK.

He needs to do it.

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  1. He just violated a treaty with Great Britain…….

    What is GB going to do ?

  2. Phantom,

    “China is big, and is very far away.”

    Unfortunately it appears China doesn’t see it that way and seems to have explicitly granted itself extraterritorial powers for the first time – anyone anywhere could be criminalised under this law.

  3. Phantom,

    “China is big, and is very far away.”

    Unfortunately it appears China doesn’t see it that way and seems to have explicitly granted itself extraterritorial powers for the first time – anyone anywhere could be criminalised under this law.

  4. China is a problem. An imperialist problem.

    The brain deads worry about the US, but just look at China.

  5. I guess mahons might agree that in Hong Kong the conditions do exist for an uprising
    and all that that implies , what do you think phantom? justified ?

  6. The Chinese government will be happy to kill as many Hong Kongers as they feel is necessary.

    I would not recommend an uprising.

    I hate the reality, but that’s where we are.

  7. The brain deads worry about the US, but just look at China.

    No-one is looking at China. Every country has its own problems to deal with. The US is fixated on protests and the epidemic and will spend the rest of the year increasingly wrapped up in the election. The president is fixated with whatever the nearest small screen is showing. His challenger is dead from the neck up.

    The vacuum means the CCP can pick fights with Australia, India, Sweden, Denmark, Canada and Hong Kongers at will.

  8. China sees things in hundred and thousand year increments.

    The current US leadership is focused on the tweet that came in 30 seconds ago and how to get revenge tweets out in response.

    And Biden would be no intellectual match for them either.

  9. petem you don’t agree then that the chinese are brave patriotic nationalists asserting their muscle reclaiming territories stolen the by the pig-dog imperialists of yester-year.
    I’m genuinely curious about whats the difference between your av commie and your av fascist ?
    they both look the same to me ..

  10. Military action is not an option. An uprising would be suicide. Sanctions perhaps, but to what effect?

  11. Perhaps welcoming Hong Kongers openly and without limit to the UK and other western countries. If China sees the golden egg leaking its treasure abroad , they may halt their security suffocation of the unique province.

  12. Hate to tell you, but Hong Kongers will only emigrate if China lets them do so, from this point.

    Communist governments don’t see emigration as a right.

  13. they’re trapped, just like the Iranians, at the mercy of dictatorial unflinching unyielding regimes of terror.

  14. I would bring them in and allow them to build a new HK, a free port with hyper-low taxes and total free trade right. Put it on the South Coast, facing the EU. It would be spectacular economic miracle.

  15. Another gift of the British Empire having it’s Khyber Pass moment. Aweful!

  16. I suspect many have already left or are doing their best to leave.

    I would also guess that this law is as much aimed at this diaspora (to deter them from stirring the pot etc) as those still remaining.

  17. As I’ve mentioned here before, there was a large immigration from Hong Kong to Sunset Park, Brooklyn a few decades ago, Around the time of the handover from the UK to China

    Sunset park is one neighborhood over from me

    The Hong Kong people have been very good for that neighborhood. It’s a prosperous area filled with successful small businesses of every description, Including restaurants with some of the best Chinese food on the East Coast

    I believe that every store on the main ( Eighth ) Avenue is occupied. Eight is a lucky number in Chinese

  18. This is in violation of a sanctified treaty ratified by the UN. There are penalties built into the Treaty as a the MAIN Signature of the Treaty Great Britain has OBLIGATIONS to the people of Hong Kong and to the World.

    What is the official position of #10 ?

  19. Trump said Russia would never have dare seize Crimea if he had been president at the time

    But Hong Kong has just been seized on Trump’s watch.

    All talk.

  20. Crimea is far away, and Russia has every advantage there.

    Hong Kong is far away, and China has every advantage there.

    We don’t control every grain of sand in the world. Especially not now.

  21. So he should Nuke Russia for putting bounties on our soldiers and we should Nuke China over Hong Kong.

    That is the position of the left, they don’t have the balls to even say it, but anything short of Nuking either Russia or China is not good enough for the Phantoms and other TDS wackos….

    Trump has been harder on both countries than anyone since reagan he’s the only one to be hard on china since nixon opened the door.

    Last year we killed a whole division of russians in Syria, not to mention more sanctions than any president since reagan.

    Hong Kong is Part of a Treaty between GreatBritain China and the UN, but Trump has already with the move by china changed Americas trade status with Hong Kong.

    but you keep drooling that foam on your tie…..

  22. When did we kill over 10000 Russian troops in Syria?
    Who on “The Left” has called for nuclear attacks on Russia or China?

  23. Well played Paul. Of course Hong Kong is something there is little that can be practically done. But I’m pretty sure the unite with the mainland movement in Taiwan just died.

  24. here ya go Mahons

    Report: U.S. Forces Killed More Than 200 Russian Fighters …
    Feb 13, 2018 · Russia’s military has disowned any responsibility for the attack in the Deir al-Zour region and a U.S. military spokesperson appeared to accept that claim in a statement.

    Russians squeeze U.S. troops in Syria amid uproar over …
    18 hours ago · In a bloody four-hour battle in 2018, American commandos killed 200-300 pro-Syrian government forces, including Russian mercenaries from the Wagner Group. Recently, however, American military…

  25. Lol. Even if one accepted that Russian mercenaries were among 200 to 300 pro Syrian government forces it was private contractors and not a Russian Military Division. A division has at least 10,000 in it. Stick to counting people in Tulsa stadiums.

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