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…to get it wrong!

In a puff piece for a new film which tries to depict an old ‘Whale-friendly’ story, the Daily Mail gives a synopsis of the film. It tells of the two adult and one baby whale who were trapped in pack ice near Point Barrow in Alaska. If one likes whales, it isn’t a bad piece, although I presume the part which features the whales in the film will all consist of Computer Graphic Imagery (CGI). It all ends well, except for the baby whale, which died.

But in one image, they undo all the good work previously done, because they just don’t know the difference. Spot it?

Although a beautiful place, the frozen Arctic can also be dangerous for ships and animals alike


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7 thoughts on “You can always depend upon the Daily Mail…

  1. Whats the problem?
    Those penguins are tourists who arrived on the 747 parked just out of shot.

    Good one Mike.

  2. “You can always depend upon the Daily Mail … to get it wrong!”

    That would explain why you and David are forever quoting it as gospel 😉

  3. and we can always depend upon our ‘friend’ Richard to comment in a truly negative manner.

  4. Mike,

    You obviously missed my lengthy comment on the “Pregnancy ‘unethical'” thread. It was in response to the gross negativity expressed by David and others.

  5. Fark just what Canada needs more imigrants

    And Noel Penguins do live on beaches other than the Antarctic, just never above the equator

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