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Chuffed to bits, that’s what I am.

Old Holborn brings us the glorious news that “600 people who decided enough was enough and the endless demands of the State and threats of violence for those who refuse to pay for services they have not requested stormed Wirral County Court today, threw the Judge out and declared “case dismissed” against a fellow citizen who simply refused to pay his council tax.”

They would be the stout yeomen of the British Constitution Group, a band clearly familiar with our ancient Constitution and its usurpation.

Our “rulers” seem to have forgotten that this is, in essence, a land of repeated rebellion.

This being a family blog and all, I’ll leave you, dear reader, to have a look also at Old Holborn’s census return on his blog. It’s both sweetly eloquent and fully demonstrating the respect a census form deserves.

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7 thoughts on “YOU DO NOT HAVE TO OBEY

  1. Old Holborn sounds like an interesting chap, I’d like to meet him. I’d probably have to travel to his place though, I sure he refuses to travel on publicly financed roads.

  2. Old Holborn, pays State tax ( by force ) so Old Holborn can travel anywhere he dam well pleases?

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