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Some newspaper headlines do make me smile 😉 Take this front page exclusive from this evening’s Belfast Telegraph  "Terror networks operating in Ulster!"

LOL – I should think so. Loads of ’em!

In fairness to the BT, they are highlighting the fact that the Religion of Pieces has at least two terror cells here in Northern Ireland.  A "risk map" has been drawn up plotting the main bases for radical cells across the UK, totalling up to 3,000 members. Northern Ireland is reputed to have at least two of the networks, containing around 30 people, although the biggest threat comes from the Midlands in England, where 80 groups have been identified. Members are not all involved in plotting attacks but can become quickly radicalised, according to experts. It comes amid claims that international groups are exploiting weaknesses in laws that allow them to come to the UK as students.

Given our local proclivity for putting terrorists into Government and then pretending that this is a good thing, I suppose it is only a matter of time until Sheikh Rattle and Roll and his self exploding pals will have a delegate or two lecturing us from the vantage of the Stormont Assembly!

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6 thoughts on “YOU DON’T SAY!

  1. How large is the muslim population of Northern Ireland anyway? I ask because 30 seems like a surprisingly large number of jihadi suspects.

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