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Preside over at least 1200 deaths?

Then walk away with a £2m pension pot

As arrogant as it is, there was never going to be any other outcome. No you cannot resist. If you attempt to keep your income from being looted and given to him you will be visited by men ready to do violence on his behalf.

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One thought on “YOU KNEW IT WAS COMING

  1. Surely the article linked is a microcosmic view of everything that is wrong in the UK today. A total lack and denial of any responsbility, coupled with a lack of even the smallest hint of personal integrity of either the mental or intellectual kind, and all driven by a personal greed seldom seen even back in that bad old Victorian era.

    Such is the result of a public sector running loose with a lack of any sensible management or control, – the ultimate disease of ‘unionism’ as in ‘trade’, corruption so blatant it is ignored and sufficiently short-sighted as to destroy that over which they have control – as in the NHS. and if left unchecked and ignored will make short work of the country itself.

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