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Greater Manchester’s Deputy Chief Constable Ian Hopkins said: ‘Officers from our Specialist Operations branch were involved in an pre-planned operation that resulted in a car being stopped in the Culcheth area of Cheshire.

‘As part of the operation, shots were fired and one man inside the vehicle was injured.

‘The officers involved performed first aid on the victim at the scene but he sadly died. Two other men who were inside the car were arrested and will be questioned.

‘This incident has been referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) who will carry out an independent inquiry to establish all the facts.

When the IPCC conducts its ‘exhaustive’ testing and enquiries, and when they very reluctantly confirm, as they will probably do, that there was no firearm in the car; despite the presence of ‘menacing’ balaclavas, will the police ‘marksmen’ be brought up on a simple charge of ‘manslaughter’? The worst we shall probably hear will be charges from ‘discharging a weapon in a public place’.

I have never been in favour of armed policemen roaming our streets, or driving around in their ‘armed response’ BMWs. The police in the UK are not trained in the use of weaponry, and more importantly when not to use them. The modern police seem all too eager to don their ‘armour’ and act like bloody stormtroopers for my liking. In Northern Ireland, before Blair and his mincing  buddy Mandelson sold our Democracy down the river, and welcomed the IRA killers into Stormont, the police were routinely armed. But there was a damn good reason for those guns; there were bombers and snipers out to kill or maim any who wore the R.U.C. uniform, because that suited the same grinning killers who now sit so high up above everyone else.

Yes, we have to combat terrorism, yes, we have to be aware that many gangsters routinely carry weapons, but that only gathered pace after we abandoned Capital Punishment. Bring back a nice long drop, along with some regulation one-inch hemp rope, and we would soon see a vast reduction in armed robbery.

We had a long tradition of an unarmed Police Force, but I suppose that has gone in the same way as we now have a Police Service.

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3 thoughts on “Your name? Jean Charles de Menezes.

  1. An unarmed police force is a thing of the past. It is better for a policeman/woman to have a gun and not need it than to need a gun and not have it and, of course, to have the training to know how to use it.

  2. Mike, er Mr. Cunningham – we have capital punishment here in the US and far more armed robbery.

  3. Mike for you information the Police in NI were always routinely armed and still are.

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